October is National Depression Awareness Month

Depression is hard. It is slogging through the mud of life every day without being able to see the beauty of Fall with colorful leaves and a nip of upcoming cool weather in the air.  The 2020 pandemic continues with isolation, financial concerns, and health concerns contributing to depression and anxiety for many in our community.  Do you know what to say to someone you think is depressed?  Do you know that it’s ok to say something?  It is.  When you tell someone that you see them, you notice that they are struggling, and you care, you are letting them know that it’s ok to talk about their feelings and the possibility that they might need emotional support and help. In a way, you are solving their biggest problem: who to tell.  You can learn more about mental health and how to  stay mentally healthy at a training session.  We also have programs to teach you how to ask awkward questions, keep safe, and lead yourself or others to help.  We have resources at class and on our Resource Page. Contact us today to talk about what type of program would work for your group of teens or adults.  Depression is not your fault.  Stay Alive!