September is National Suicide Prevention Month

A caring person with a few skills can notice someone in mental distress and provide them with safety and resources that could save a life. Now is the perfect time to learn more about depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention–or to pledge that you will learn more in the upcoming year.  The covid-19 pandemic continues as students head back to school online or in-person and the days grow shorter.  Did you know that it is now more likely that you will need to use your skills to talk to someone about suicide than to perform CPR?  We now have virtual programs for teens and adults that encourage good mental health practices and discourage stigma.  Mental health is part of overall health, and we can talk about it, learn about it, and seek treatment when needed. You can also schedule a program for your group!  This month we are training teachers, teens, and parents at several programs.  You can also schedule a program for your group!