Fresh Focus in 2021

As the new year begins with so much uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all of its attendant uncertainties, it seems important to focus on what we know and what we can do to stay mentally healthy.  We can all do things to support our own mental health and encourage others to make mental health a priority by modeling good practices.   Here are a few things to know and remember.

  1. You’ve successfully managed during other hard times.  See if you can remember finding your way through other challenges that you have faced successfully.  Draw on what you know has worked for you before to meet new challenges.
  2. Look for your people.  Think about the people in your life who are able to listen and help.  Share your concerns with them.  Sometimes just talking can lessen stress.
  3. Practice what you have learned since childhood to keep you body and mind healthy:  7-8 hours of sleep nightly, moderate exercise, nutritious meals, and engaging in activities which you enjoy to help reduce stress.
  4. Use crisis numbers when needed.  Lifeline 1-800-273-8255   Crisis text “hello” to 741-741