About Us

The Sarah Michelle Peterson Foundation envisions a world without suicide.  Our mission is saving lives by providing depression and suicide prevention awareness programs and resources for the Hampton Roads communities and beyond. We  provide educational programs for teens and adults at schools, colleges, churches, work places, community centers, gyms, libraries, and other locations. Programs can be tailored to specific audiences: general, teachers, LGBTQ+, etc.  We are proud to work with CHKD, the Barry Robinson Center, the UP Center, VDBDHS, ODU, and others as we participate in partnerships and coalitions that help build suicide-safer communities.  Our resource tables inform, educate, and stop the stigma by providing information. We are a registered 501c3 charity and and our EIN is 47-1041065.

In 2019 alone…

The SMP Foundation was responsible for 132 separate programs in the Hampton Roads area, reaching 4,200 class participants. We presented programs to Suffolk students, teachers and community members at no cost to the schools. We can do this because of generous donations from people just like you!

We have also been to private schools, churches, colleges, other non-profits, and corporate workplaces to deliver life-saving programs and resources. The programs we deliver are customized to fit the needs of each individual organization we work with. We might train Norfolk community members on More Than Sad, an AFSP program focused on Teen Depression, move on to present suicide prevention skills to 100 sorority women in Williamsburg, and finish up the week talking to military healthcare providers about how to safely communicate about suicide and mental health.  To us, and our mission, every audience is important when it comes to fighting depression, anxiety, and  suicide!

We have taken our Resource Table to many festivals, fairs, and conventions, reaching over 3,600 people at 19 events and giving away thousands of SMPF wristbands, pens, silicone cell phone wallets, chapstick, nail files, and bookmarks with the Crisis Text and Lifeline phone numbers.  We are active in local and state groups including the Va. Suicide Prevention Interagency Alliance Group, the HPR5 Regional Suicide Prevention Task Force, the HRCF Mental Health Affinity Group, and the Youth Partnership of South Hampton Roads. We are proud to work with others to inform, educate, and stop the stigma around mental health.